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Sunday Nov 1st 2020
Cathay A333 at Hong Kong on Apr 13th 2010, engine stuck at high thrust
Battery capacities in stored aircraft may become critical
Saturday Oct 31st 2020
Canada A319 at Los Angeles on Oct 30th 2020, cargo door indication
Friday Oct 30th 2020
Arabia A320 near Kozhikode on Oct 29th 2020, cabin did not pressurize
Hop! E170 at Paris on Oct 21st 2020, on go around veered into departure path of other aircraft
Avianca A320 at Pasto on Oct 28th 2020, runway strikes back
Avianca A320 at Pasto on Oct 27th 2020, hard landing and go around
Thursday Oct 29th 2020
Azul E195 at Tabatinga on Oct 22nd 2020, rejected takeoff due to dog
Hevilift PNG DHC6 at Mount Hagen on Oct 18th 2020, hydraulic failure and smoke in cockpit during go around
Wednesday Oct 28th 2020
Skywest CRJ2 at Salt Lake City on Oct 26th 2020, bird strike
Tway B738 near Tokyo on May 2nd 2019, turbulence injures flight attendant
Ibex CRJ7 near Fukuoka on Oct 30th 2019, cracked windshield
Finnair A320 at Helsinki on Jan 13th 2020, flight attendant fell off aircraft
Jetstar A320 at Brisbane on Oct 23rd 2020, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Monday Oct 26th 2020
Oriental Bridge DH8D at Fukue on Oct 23rd 2020, hard touchdown and tail strike
Singapore B744 at Auckland on Dec 11th 2019, engine pod strike during go around
Sunday Oct 25th 2020
EAT Leipzig A306 at London on Oct 24th 2020, smoke in cockpit
Jota RJ85 near London on Oct 23rd 2020, brakes problem
JAC AT42 at Kikaiga Shima on Oct 23rd 2020, prop strike on landing
Saturday Oct 24th 2020
Envoy E145 at Freeport on Oct 24th 2020, runway excursion
Friday Oct 23rd 2020
American A320 at Syracuse on Oct 23rd 2020, multiple hydraulic failure
Skywest CRJ9 near Rochester on Oct 22nd 2020, smoke in cockpit
Smartwings B738 at Cagliari and Prague on Aug 6th 2020, damaged nose tyre on departure
Lufthansa A321 at Hamburg on Jul 23rd 2019, almost collision with sail plane, 46 feet vertical, 184 feet horizontal remaining
Cargojet B752 at Calgary on Sep 21st 2020, tail scrape on landing
Delta A333 near St. John's on Oct 22nd 2020, smoke in cockpit, possibly from wildfires
Thursday Oct 22nd 2020
Vietjet A321 at Dong Hoi on Oct 16th 2020, hard landing at +4.27G
Azul E195 enroute on Oct 19th 2020, wing anti ice leak
Wednesday Oct 21st 2020
TUI Nederland B788 near London on Oct 21st 2020, unusual noise and vibrations
LAS B722 at Valencia on Oct 20th 2020, runway excursion on landing 
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